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"Uhh, Judge..can you, um, reconsider that time you denied our Motion of Rehearing for that trial we lost..please?" --OCWEN Loan Servicing, LLC

This case will not end. 

If you've been following along:

First, we won a foreclosure trial because OCWEN tried to pass off a crumpled Denny's placemat with "PAY US SOME MONEY!" scrawled in Cray-on as its Paragraph 22 Default letter. That didn't work.

Then it fired its lawyers and brought in a Don Draper-esque law firm.

They rattled their sabers a bit and filed a Motion for Rehearing. That was summarily denied without a hearing; evidently, the Judge was not inclined to change her mind.

After that, I was waiting for them to filed their Appeal in the 2nd DCA anyway, when they did something very odd: OCWEN filed a Motion for Reconsideration imploring the Court to consider the Motion for Rehearing. Strange as that is on its face, OCWEN relies on an appellate decision that did not exist that on either the day of the trial or when the judge denied OCWEN's Motion for Rehearing. I suspect this will similarly denied. If you're interested you can read it here: Motion_For_Rehearing_(4).pdf

Maybe then we can get on with an actual appeal. Or maybe not. If I were OCWEN, I wouldn't want to make new law out of this case.

Stay tuned.