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OCWEN's Pathetic Excuse For a Breach Letter and How They Lost A Foreclosure Trial

Chalk one up for the good guys!

After a six-year battle with the bank and several desperate attempts by the bank to delay the trial, my clients finally had their day in court in a foreclosure case.

And we won.

Foreclosure cases often turn on one issue and if the borrowers win it's usually because the bank had insufficient evidence. That was precisely the case in the foreclosure trial we just won. Ocwen (who took over this loan from GMAC) failed to produce a sufficient breach letter--the letter banks are *supposed* to send homeowners before starting a foreclosure (Also called an acceleration letter, look at Paragraph 22 of your mortgage; it's there.). Not only was it defective but, in my view, GMAC never sent it..

The Court agreed.

Take a look at the attached Order from the court dismissing the case along with the OCWEN's pathetic attempt at a breach letter.

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